The Community Security Initiative (CSI), staffed by a full-time Director of Community Security, is charged with convening, preparing, and equipping Jewish organizations with training and education, emergency communications, law enforcement engagement, and target hardening.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas created the Community Security Initiative to ensure the Dallas Jewish community is prepared, in a proactive manner, to handle security issues within our community. Conceived in the summer of 2016, the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas used Secure Community Network (SCN), the only national Jewish security apparatus under the auspices of the Jewish Federations of North America, to develop a plan to make our community safer.

At the onset of 2017, through a series of meetings with SCN, major donors and the Federation Board, the Community Security Initiative was approved. Major funding was provided by the Korenvaes Family Foundation in addition to Federation allocations.

Community Security

CSI convenes, prepares and equips the Dallas Jewish community to handle security issues.


The Community Security Initiative focuses on four priorities:

1. Facilitating  a “CSI Alert” communications platform, ensuring timely critical communications for imminent security incidents to all partnering Jewish organizations in the Greater Dallas area.

2. Developing and implementing  the Community Security Initiative’s ‘Educational Series”; providing training and safety readiness for Jewish organizations.

3. Conducting  security and vulnerability site assessments to strengthen “Target Hardening” objectives for Jewish schools, Synagogues, businesses, and social service providers.

4. Convening  local, state, and federal Law Enforcement Partners for real time intelligence sharing and threat analysis monitoring.

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Benefits To Local Jewish Organizations 


  • A Director of Community Security to assist with security questions, plans, and resources
  • Access and use of a community-wide communication system – CSI Alert
  • Physical site assessments are conducted by CSI at no cost to the organization
  • Training and readiness preparation for your professional team, lay leadership and constituents, as appropriate

For more information, please contact Bill Humphrey, CSI Director, at 214-615-5221 or jewishdallas.org/security.


Sherry Goldberg, Chair
Bill Finklestein, JFGD Board Chair
A.J. Rosmarin, JFGD Immediate Past Board Chair

Jeffrey Beck
Grant Herlitz

Michael Hurst
Todd Platt
Jeffrey Whitman