A Note from the President and CEO in August

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to be invited by the White House senior administration to join the delegation of 60 Texas community leaders, to discuss ways we can build stronger communities together. Please note, the meeting did not have any partisan political agenda. Rather, it served as an opportunity for an open dialogue between communal leaders that work on the “ground” to share their vision for where the help is needed the most.  
In representing our Jewish Dallas community, my agenda was clear and had three priorities, which I laid out to the facilitators:
  1. Enhancement of the National Security Grant Program (NSGP) – an initiative that the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas (JFGD) was able to advocate for and bring to Dallas $1.3 million a few months ago towards solidifying the security of our Jewish institutions.
  2. Expansion of the Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program (HSAP) and other funding that advances and expands the reach and impact of our social services agencies in the Dallas area.
  3. Support the advancement of the Abraham Accords, fight delegitimization of Israel, advocate for including Israel in the Visa Waiver Program, to allow Israeli citizens to travel to the US visa-free for a 90-day period.
I happened to be at the Eisenhower Executive Building, just as President Herzog was wrapping up his meetings with members of Congress, after delivering his historic address to the joint session of Congress. As you know, his visit took place against the backdrop of the dramatic social tension in Israel. We have received numerous requests to provide further clarity and in-depth, apolitical education about the potential implications of judicial reform in front of Israeli society today.
As such, we welcomed almost 300 webinar attendees for a comprehensive and thoughtful conversation with Regional Director to Canada of The Jewish Agency for Israel Yaron Deckel. I encourage you to watch the webinar here or read a summary of the discussion on the Texas Jewish Post's website.
Igor Alterman, 
President and CEO