Israel & Overseas Impact Grant

Request for Proposals

Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas (JFGD) is the central coordinating fundraising agency for the Jewish Dallas community. It is the one place where philanthropy, volunteerism and shared commitment come together to make a difference in the community and the world. From hometown to homeland, JFGD brings life-saving and life-sustaining care to Jews in need in Dallas and overseas.

Our mission is to help ensure the continuity of a strong and vibrant Jewish community in Dallas, Israel, and throughout the world.

JFGD's Israel and Overseas (I&O) Committee is responsible for helping achieve this mission by recognizing and supporting Jewish communities in need in Israel and over 70 countries worldwide, as well as build a personal connection to the state, land, and people of Israel.

The committee builds awareness of the work of our overseas partner agencies and educates the community about Jewish communities worldwide, engages those with a passion for rescue, relief, and empowerment, and provides missions and long-term travel opportunities to strengthen Jewish identity and build strong, relevant connections around the world.

JFGD has identified three priorities for its work in Israel and Overseas*, and the I&O Committee is open to proposals for programs that meet a need or opportunity inside of one of these areas.

Jews in Desperate Need

Supporting initiatives that care for the most vulnerable Jews throughout the world, assist in times of crisis, and ensure a safety net to those who need

Building Jewish Community Infrastructure

Efforts to secure communities throughout the world, building sustainable communities, revitalizing Jewish life, supporting community resilience (combating antisemitism, BDS, etc.) and more

Leadership Development

Training and empowering the next generation of Jewish communal leaders through initiatives, immersive experiences, and global connectivity.

* JFGD recognizes that life in Israel was fundamentally altered by the attacks that occurred on October 7. While so much more remains to be done, our Dallas Jewish community takes pride in the role we have played in aiding those most affected in Israel through our Israel Emergency Campaign and its associated emergency allocations. We also recognize that the pre-existing needs of the global Jewish community, in Israel and beyond, have not magically gone away simply because of the urgent crises we now face. To that end, the JFGD is committed to continuing to address the broader array of priorities that existed previously in communities outside of Israel and within through the I&O grants.

Before You Begin

Save or print a copy of the application and prepare your answers before beginning. Due to software limitations, applications will need to be completed and submitted in one sitting. It is recommended to save a copy of your application for your records.

If you have questions related to the grant application process, we encourage you to email our Israel and Overseas Grant team. If you believe your organization will be unable to meet the requirements to receive grant funding but still wish to apply, please schedule a meeting with Chief Impact Officer Rabbi Mordechai Harris before submitting your grant application(s).


FEBRUARY 15, 2024-MARCH 15, 2024

All applications must be submitted by March 15, 2024 to be eligible for consideration.