Travel with Jewish Dallas

It's more important than ever we develop our own Jewish identity. Traveling overseas offers a once-in-a-lifetime connection to your heritage and comprehensive exploration of the people, culture, and history. From specialized interest expeditions to first-time excursions, learn with local guides, knowledgable leaders, and build a unique and meaningful bond with Jewish Dallas.

Teen & Young Adult Adventures

Dallas Israel Teen Tour

Join a group of Dallas-area teens entering their junior or senior year of high school at the time of the trip, your teen will travel alongside localJewish Dallas spiritual and education leaders, plus Israeli guides and experts.

Beginning here in Dallas with pre-trip education and group bonding, your teen will depart for a three-week trip to Israel to deepen theirconnection with Israel. Post-trip reunions strengthen friendships and reinforce a holistic approach to Jewish identity.

Your teen will adventure across Israel visiting major cities, exploring ancient ruins, banana boating, hiking through beautiful landscapes, praying at the Western Wall, visiting museums, and more. With experts leading the way, teens can immerse themselves in the identity, culture, and history of the Jewish People.


With 100 years of providing meaningful experiences to Jewish teens, we know a thing or two about creating life-changing summers filled with adventure, growth, friendship, and fun. Close to home or far away, our programs embrace pluralistic Jewish values and provide opportunities for inspiration, connection, and community.

Taglit Birthright Israel

To be eligible for the gift of Birthright Israel, you must be considered Jewish by one of the recognized Jewish denominations (Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative, Orthodox, Sephardic). You must not be exclusively practicing another religion, and you also need to have at least one Jewish parent who identifies as such. You may also be eligible if you are a Jew by Choice through conversion to Judaism(documentation will be requested).
You must be 18 to 26 years old at the time of the trip and not in high school.

Vacationed or studied in Israel before your 18th birthday? As long as you stayed for less than 3 months, you can sign up for a Birthright Israel trip! If you participated in young adult or college student programs(after the age of 18) including university, study abroad, gap year, yeshiva/seminary, internship or any other experience under the umbrella of Onward Israel or Masa Israel—you’re not eligible (sorry!).

Taglit Birthright Israel: Onward

Onward Israel offers exciting resume building opportunities – internships, academic study and fellowships – providing a global, cross-cultural experience in Israel and direct contact with Israeli peers.

The goal of Onward Israel’s programs is to provide participants with an immersive resume-building experience in Israel, featuring opportunities such as internships, academic courses, and fellowships.

Onward Israel offers a competitive and attractive venue for young people seeking such experiences at affordable prices, and for time periods ranging from six to ten weeks. While meeting the individual needs of the participants and allowing them to advance their resumes, Onward Israel speaks directly to the interests and concerns of young adults entering the labor force in a globalized world. Our programs maximize opportunities for cross-cultural immersion, a feature that is highly prized by employers and academic institutions.

The ultimate purpose of this initiative is to increase exponentially the number of Birthright and teen program alumni who return to Israel for an identity-building second visit, eventually reaching a stage where half of all first time visitors partake in a longer more immersive second experience. The intended long-term outcome is a long-lasting connection with Israel and a strong commitment to Jewish life and community at the heart of the next generations.

Masa Israel Journey

Masa Teen Journey offers teens to join in on the Masa experience. These high school programs in Israel will allow Fellows to travel, learn andencounter Israel first-hand with a focus on leadership, personal growth, and impact volunteering. So what are you waiting for? Let’s find you the perfect masa (journey).

During Masa Teen Journey, Fellows will learn about the issues facing the Jewish world and how it relates to their own communities. Programming with Masa emphasizes the development of Fellows both on an educational and personal level. We aim to provide Fellows with opportunities to delve deeply into their identity, and beliefs, and prepare themselves to handle challenges back home.

Three tracks:

Leadership Based Track 6-8 weeks - A summer program with an emphasis on leadership
The Leadership Based Track for Masa Teen Journey offers Fellows the opportunity to experience and travel to places in Israel between 6-8 weeks. An additional perk of the program is that Fellows will have the opportunity to hone in on their leadership skills with the guidance of the Masa Leadership and Impact Center (MLIC).

Classic Track 8-10 weeks
The Classic Track for Masa Teen Journey offers Fellows the opportunity to explore all of Israel through various activities, hiking, meeting with locals during 8-10 weeks of programming. Learn about the fascinating history of Israel through the weekly trips, meet with influential leaders and explore all of what modern Israel has to offer.

Semester Track from 4 months to a year
Fellows will spend a semester or year living and learning in an Israeli high school, get to know Israel on a deeper level through their Israeli peers, and will immerse themselves in Israeli society and culture while exploring the country on weekly trips. Since this track runs throughout the year, Masa Teen Fellows will have the opportunity to join Gap Year and larger Masa events.