Monthly Book Clubs

  • Last Rose of Shanghai by Weina Dai Randel | Oct 3 @ 10 AM

    The Last Rose of Shanghai is about the forbidden love between Aiyi Shao, a wealthy heiress, nightclub owner, and business mogul in Shanghai, and Ernest Reismann, a penniless Jewish refugee from Germany, whom Aiyi hires to play the piano at her club.

  • The Thread Collectors by S. J. Edwards & A. Richman | Nov 7 @ 10 AM

    The Thread Collectors is the original story of a Black woman in New Orleans and a Jewish woman in New York, both of whom are fighting for the cause of freedom and Union victory through their needlework during the Civil War. As these two women risk everything for love and freedom, their paths converge in New Orleans, where an unexpected encounter leads them to discover that even the most delicate threads have the capacity to save us.