Support for Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas comes in many forms. Giving time, resources, and enthusiasm to our cause means that we can help ensure a strong and vibrant Jewish community in Dallas, Israel, and around the world. We are humbled by the generosity and grateful for the financial support of those individuals and households that are listed below.

Supporters of Our 2023 Annual Community Campaign

Recognizing gifts from August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023

Hazon Giving Society


Carol and Steve Aaron

International Leadership Reunion Giving Society

$250,000 - $499,999

Janet and Jeffrey Beck
Glazer Family of Southern Glazers
Stan Rabin

Prime Minister's Council Giving Society

$100,000 - $249,000

Cynthia and Robert Feldman
Michelle and Marshall Funk
Julis Romo Rabinowitz Family Fund
Sharron and Ophir Laizerovich
Ann and Nate Levine
Laurie and Todd Platt
Karla and Larry Steinberg
Donna and Herb Weitzman

King Solomon Giving Society

$50,000 - $99,999

Dawn and Todd Aaron
Tracy and Clay Aaron
Janet and Jack Baum
Carol and Alan Bernon
Mike Bloch
Candy and Ike Brown
Barbi and Scott Cohen
Gabriela and Sean Dalfen
Angela Horowitz French and Doug French
Lisa Genecov, M.D. and David (of blessed memory) Genecov, M.D.
Lisa and Neil Goldberg
Sherry and Ken Goldberg
Dot and Basil Haymann
Ynette and Jim Hogue
Carol and Mark Kreditor
Leo & Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation/Joe Goldman
Fay and Brian Lidji
Ann and Mike Ochstein
Ruthie and Jay Pack
Raelaine and Paul Radnitz (of blessed memory) Radnitz
Suellen and A.J. Rosmarin
Debbi K. Levy and Barry Rothschild
Barbara and Shelly Stein
Bonnie and Jeffrey Whitman, M.D.
Peggy and Mark Zilbermann
The Lieberman Family

Hillel Giving Society

$36,000 - $49,999

Linda and Steven Blasnik
Cheryl and Paul Gardner
Karlyn and Grant Herlitz
Cindy and Mitch Moskowitz, M.D.
Patsy and Michael Hochman Charitable Foundation
Stephanie and Dan Prescott
Melissa Rubentein, M.D. and Jonathan Rubenstein
Celia and Larry Schoenbrun
Jacqueline and Myron Schwitzer
The Schultz Family
Phyllis and Ron Steinhart

King David Giving Society

$25,000 - $35,999

Anonymous (1)
Shiva and Jarrod Beck
Stacy and David Blank
Inette and Josh Brown
Suzanne and Jerry Candy
Laurie and Charlie Corson
Jeri and Bill Finkelstein
Laurie and Dan Goetz
Rebecca and Jack Goetz
Cindy and Alan Golman
Bonnie and Mike Grossfeld
Kathryn and Craig Hall
Stephanie and Michael Hirsh
Shannon and Michael Hoffman
Ann and Denny Kahn
Robert Kaplan
Karen and Alan Katz
Anita and Mark Lester, M.D.
Carol and John Levy
Malia and Dave Litman
Laurie Dodic and Andrew Martin, M.D.
Esther and Michael Meyers
Charla and Mark Miller
Susie and Larry Mondry
Elaine and Trevor Pearlman
Melanie and Eric Pinker
Post and Solomon Families Fund
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
Rita and Mitch Rasansky
Helen and Frank Risch
Terry and Bert Romberg
Peachy Rudberg
Etty and Jack Sardas
Cristie and Rodney Schlosser
Kenneth Schnitzer
Pam and Greg Singer
Barbara Spigel
Ari Susman
The Hirsch Family Foundation
Sandra and David Veeder
Jackie and Steve Waldman
David Weinreb
Don Zale
Lisa and Mark Zale
Lauren and Jeff Zlotky

Chai Giving Society

$18,000 - $24,999

Mandi and Chad Albert
Barbra and Bud Applebaum
Meagan and Dan Avnery
Cathy Sweet Brook and Joel W. Brook, D.P.M.
Susan and Leonard Cedars
Pamela and Leon Dagerman
Barbara and Michael Donsky
Sandy and Howard Donsky
Jessica and Matt Emanuel
Dia and Barry Epstein
Arlene Jacobs, M.D. and Allen Feltman
Lynn and Gil Friedlander
Lori and Rick Golman
Terri Train and Alan Greenspan
Michael Hurst
Ronit and Haviv Ilan Ilan
Jack Jacobsen
Patricia and Howard Kraines
Kerri and Rick Lacher
Sharon and Charles B. Levin, M.D.
Bronwyn and Daniel Levitan
Wendy and Stephen Lieman, M.D.
Alisa and Jason Makler
Carol and Kevin Margolis
Barbara and Richard Massman
Janice and Darryl Meyerovitz
Mort Meyerson
Mahra and Kevin Pailet
Jeanette and Michael Pincus
Lillian and Jonathan Pinkus
Mel and Jody Platt
Janice and Richard Pullman
Annette Whitney and Jeff Rasansky
Maureen and Greg Redish
Janine Zaltsman Reutter and Scott Reutter
Ruth Robinson
Stefanie Schneidler and Jeffrey Robinson
Karin and Richard Roder
Ruthy and Steve Rosenberg
Ann Rosenberg
Gussie Rosenberg
Aviva and Oscar Rosenberg
Bernie Rosenberg
Rachel Leah and Shelly Rosenberg
Lisa and Jim Rosenthal
Florence and Howard Shapiro
Ruthie and Alan Shor
Nancy and Mark Solls
Cindy and Stuart Spechler, M.D.
Linda and Robert Swartz
Becky and Bruce Wartell Wartell
Sue Wayne-Strauss
Lois Wolf
Michael and Julie Zimmermann

Pacesetter Giving Society

$12,000 - $17,999

Lisa and Jim Albert
Igor and Olga Alterman
Samantha and Jon Bader
The Mitchell L. and Miriam Lewis Barnett Charitable Trust
    Stacy and Darren Lewis Barnett
    Michelle Ritter Barnett and Michael Lewis Barnett
    Morton Lewis Barnett
    Sheli Barnett and Victor Spigelman
Gilian and Steven Baron
Janet Behringer
Betty Jo and David Bell
Nicole and Dallas Bessant
Jenny and Jonathan Birnbrey
Becca and Allen Bodzy
Denise and Bart Bookatz
Steve Brown
Leland Burk
Stacey and Chuck Butler
Michelle Caplan
Susie and Joel Carp
Kari and Jay Ceitlin
Sharon and Hymen Childs
Sandra and Ronald Cohen
Howard Cohen
Lori and Mike Cohen
Karen and Andy Cohen
Susan and Michael (of blessed memory) Davidoff
Suzy and Reuben Davidsohn
Sarah and Ethan Davis
Wendy and Marshall Dawer, M.D.
Roxanne and Brett Diamond
Evey and Chip Fagadau, M.D.
Feinstein Family Foundation
Pam Hochster Fine and Jeff Fine
JoJo and Eric Fleiss
Cyd and Clifford Friedman
Rachel and David Friedman
Maya and David Gabbay
Frances and Robert Gardner
Marsha Gaswirth
Lisa Atlas Genecov and Jeff Genecov, D.D.S.
Wendy and Paul Genender
Lesli and Harold Gernsbacher
Laura and Eli Gershenson
Bobby Gibbs
Rena and Ken Glaser
Melissa and Dani Golan
Roslyn Goldstein
Debra and Eric Green
Kelsey and Boris Grinstein
Julie and Gary Haymann
Marcy Helfant and Bob Book
Teri and Michael Hershman
Lindsay and Josh Hochschuler
Joel and Wendy Holiner Family Philanthropic Fund
Carole Ann and Jay Hoppenstein
Maureen and Hilton (of blessed memory) Israelson, D.D.S.
Veronique and Hylton Jonas
Laurie and David Judson
Janet and Terry Kafka
Michele and Herb Kesner
Robin Kosberg
Lisa and Ira Kravitz
Ray Ann and Mark Lerman
Michael Levy
Karen and Walter Levy
Deborah Friedman and Scott Mackler
Sam B. Marcus
Ann and Fred Margolin
Lee and Paul Michaels
Yana and Yury Mintskovsky
Claire and Nathan Mitzner
Ce'Ce and Alex More
Linda and David Nerenberg
Shula and Aharon Netzer
Jolie and Michael Newman
Ani and Pedro Nosnik
Donna and Larry Olschwanger
Pam and Michael Pidgeon
Leslie and Steven Pidgeon
Sandy Phillips and Ernest Poppers
Ricki and Benjamin Andrew Rabin
Barbara and David Radunsky
Debbie and Manuel Rajunov
Patricia and Brian Ratner
Nicole and Jacob Ratner
Sharon Wisch Ray and Alex Ray
Terry and Joel Ray
Debbie and Bob Rifkin
Erica and Craig Robins
Louise and David Rosenfield
Katty and Julio Rosenstock
Stephanie Ross
Elaine and Morris Rutchik
Julie and Jon Sayah
Marilyn and Donald Schaffer
Betty and Steve Silverman
Andrea and Richard Skibell
Karen and Marty Sosland
Anne-Marie and Marc Starr
Tracey and Shane Stein
Robin and Evan Stone
Sam Susser
Candace and Max Swango
Janice Sweet Weinberg and Arthur Weinberg, M.D.
Daphne and David Sydney
Joanne and Charles Teichman
Roberta and Stephen Toback
Iris and Dennis Topletz
Kim and Rob Velevis
Natalie and Michael Waldman
Julie and Michael Weinberg
Helga and Gerardo Weinstein
Alison and Michael Weinstein
Laura and Ben Weinstein
Jolene and Harvey Weisblat
Les and D.J. Weisbrod
Debbie Willens
Janice and Norman Winton
Susan Wisch
Gerald Zahler
Paula and Henry Zeitman
Riki and Michael Zide

Lion of Judah & Shofar Giving Societies

$5,000 - 11,999

David Adler
Patti and Bob Aisner
Lori and Joel Alhadef
Randi and Larry Alter
Suzanne and Moish Azoulay
Mimi and Mitch Barnett
Susan and Daryl Beck
Shelley and Jeff Becker
Sherri Becker
Neil Beckerman
Roz and Mervyn Benjet
Cindy and Bruce Bernbaum
Lynn and Mark Bernstien
Ilene and Sol Bierman
Ann and Alan Bogdanow
Selma Bookatz
Nancy and David Brickman
Amanda and Aaron Brown
Susan and Peter Brundage
Anita and Todd Chanon
Ruth Bakal and Michael Cohen
Carol and Gary Cohen
Justin Cohen
Julie and Ronnie Coleman
Lauren and Steven Davidoff
Tammy and Adam Diamond
Susan and David Duitch
Fran and David Eisenberg
Madelyn and Jared Eisenberg
Dennis Eisenberg
Tracy and Berkley Elliott
Paddy and Barry Epstein
Beth and Evan Fishman
Ellen and Jack Fishpaw
Jacqueline and Sheldon Fleschman
Helen and Jerome Frank
Heather and Grant Frankfurt
Susan and Richard Frapart
Sandy Funk
Linda and David Garner
Lawrence Ginsburg
David Glickman
Vered and Moshe Golan
Rita Sue and Alan Gold
Kim and Dan Gold
Beth and Jim Gold
Lauran and Robert Goldberg
Jennifer and Josh Goldman
Beth and Larry Goldstein
Roslyn Goldstein
Stephanie and Ross Golman
Gillian and Roy Greenberg
Lizzy and Jules Greif
Maya and Bob Gross
Irma Grossman
Jerri and Fred Grunewald
Alexander Hamerman
Naina and Scott Hotchkiss
Darci and Randy Iola
Maureen Israelson
Mindi and Michael Kahn
Lisa Newman and Jeffrey Kaplan
Rabbi Nancy Kasten
Tracy and Jeff Kaye
Dana and David Kleiman
Kim Kline
Mark Kogut
Melinda and Jeffrey Kollinger
Michelle and Brian Kravitz
Julie and David Kronick
John Myers
Brett Lazarus
Felise and Harold Leidner
Marsha Lev
Terry and Jeffrey Levinger
Lauren and David Levinson
Lisa and Richard Levy Levy
Lester and Brett Levy
Susie and Joel Litman
Betty and Jay Lorch
Michelle and Bryan Lurie
Barbara and Michael Lynn
Sandy and Andrew Marks
Ellen and Jim Markus
Dr. Amy Sigman and Dr. Gavin Melmed
Ellen and Allan Metz
Marlo and Menachem Michaeli
Myra and Phil Migicovsky
Shauna and Ryan Milstein
Bette and Gary Morchower
Melanie Morris
Arlene and Louis Navias
Cindy Nelson
Stacy and David Olesky
Janis and Allan Peiser
Stanley Peskind
Zona Pidgeon
Debra and Alan Postel
Elise Power
Sherri and Michael Radoff
Julie and Eliot Raffkind
Lynette and Hedley Rakusin
Jerry Rasansky
Risha and Steven Reiman
Bobbie and David Repp
Stacey and Larry Robbins
Jeffrey M. Robinson
Jane Rose
Adrienne and Tom Rosen
Barbara and Randall Rosenblatt
Mindy and Jeff Rosenfeld
Cary and Michael Rothkopf
Marilyn and Stanley Rothstein
Staci and Paul Rubin
Sury and David Sacher
Lisa and Armand Sadoughi
Jane Saginaw and Stephen Lerer
Arlene and Barry Sanders
Mike Schiff
Ann and Larry Schiller
Dr. Cynthia Schneidler
Helene and Jeff Schussler
Jeri Lyn and Jeff Sebert
Barbara and Jerry Selinger
Toby and Larry Shawn
Daphne and Jay Shipowitz
Talya and Zev Shulkin
Vikki and Scott Silvis
Joan Skibell
Rebecca and Neal Sklaver
Corey and Jake Spigelman
Pam and Richard Squires
Debbie and Bruce Steckler
Sister and Joel Steinberg
Marc Steinberg
Vivian Steinborn
Barbara and Arnold Stokol
Gloria and Israel Suster
Cathy and Todd Teiber
Shari and Jay Tobin
Peggy Tobolowsky
Barbara and Richard Toranto
Fran and Jeffrey Toubin
Sherilee and Richard Trubitt
Sam Utay
Rebecca and Albert Vaiser
Fannie and Joe Viroslav
Helen and Shami Waldman
Tina and Richard Wasserman
Karen Weinreb
Craig Weinstein
Andrea and Loren Weinstein
Carl Weisbrod
Lori Gatlin and Mark Werbner
Perrin White
Susan and Steven Wilkofsky
Carolyn and Michael Wilkov
Abbe and Daniel Witheiler
James Woodcock
Rachael and Lance Yeaman
Karina and Jacob Zide
Esther and Miles Zitmore
Samantha and Matthew Zucker
Karen and Mike Zucker

Professional Giving Societies

Cardozo • Etz Chaim • Maimonides • Montefiore • Pomegranate

$2,000 - 4,999

Rose and Warren Abrams
Amy and Kent Aftergut
Katherine Albert
Rachel and David Alexander
Elizabeth and David Allen
Rivka and Brad Altman
Debbie and Marc Andres
Fonda and Jay Arbetter
Mimi Aronoff
Katie Babin
Jill and Alan Bach
Amy and David Balis
Nancy and Marty Barenblat
Stacy and Darren Barnett
Sheli Barnett and Victor Spigelman
Amanda and Scott Beck
Lisa and Neil Beckerman
Michelle and Doug Berger
Rolene and Martin Berk
Alan Berk
Andrea and Jeffrey Berkowitz
Phyllis Bernstein
Kari Fenyves Bernstein Horne and Neal Horne
Sheela and Marc Birnbaum
Stuart Blaugrund
Brenda and Ronald Bliss
Lauryn and Jason Bloom
Carol and Brian Bloom
Sheryl and Gordon Bogen
Elizabeth and Daniel Bracken
Lisa and Steve Brenner
Lottye Brodsky
Barbara and Barry Brown
Tonya and Barry Brown
Becky and Ken Bruder
Marla and Rowan Buskin
Shana and Sam Bygott-Webb
Yana and Ricky Charney
Jennifer and Mark Chazanow
Jaime and Mike Cohen
Alecia and Paul Cohen
Lori and Douglas Cohen
Cheryl and Randal Colen
Linda and Simmie Cooper
Annette Corman
Sherri and Alan Darver
Carol and Gerry Darver
Joan C Davidow
Lois and Malcolm Davidson
Lori and Don Doherty
Linda Donsky Gold
Barbara and Dennis DuBois
Gail and Stephen Enda
Tina and Leonard Epstein
Lindsay Epstein
Andrea and Robert Epstein
Sylvia Epstein
Dr. Diane Fagelman-Birk
Cecelia and Stanley Feld
Ann and Alan Feld
Nancy and Ronald Fellman
Marilyn and Ron Fiedelman
Nina Cortell and Robert Fine
Janet and Jay Finegold
Lois and Ross Finkelman
Laura and Roy Fleischmann
Diane and Mark Fleschler
Mitchell Fonberg
Judy and Ron Foxman
Jeana and Bradley Foxman
Howard Freed
Corey Freedman
Ronnie Freidberg
Carrie and Andrew Freundlich
Diana and Leon Frid
Ilona Friedman
Ety and Chuck Friedman
Steve Gadol
Janis and Dan Gail
Pam and Ray Garfield
Leslye and Glenn Geller
Amy and David Genender
Eunice and Marvin Gerard
Jane Gerber
Richard Gilman
Myra and Larry Gingold
Karen Glanger
Norma and Jeffrey Glass
Karen and Jeffrey Glassman
David Glatstein
Cathy and Craig Glick
Patricia and Matthew Gold
Courtney and Chad Goldberg
Shelli and Marshall Goldberg
Sharon and Eric Goldberg
Rita Goldberg
Elaine and Ben Goldfarb
Jen and Jerald Goldstein
Barbara and Harvey Gollman
Susan and Marty Golman
Abby and Benjamin Goodman
Judy and Phil Goodman
Joyce and Wayne Goodowitz
Storrow and Murray Gordon
Joanna and David Greenstone
Katrina and Geoffrey Gross
Ashley and Marc Grossfeld
Barbara and Billy Gutow
Atara and Danny Guttman
Shelly and Rick Guyer
Marilyn and Larry Guzick
Laura and David Halper
Deborah and Jeffrey Hamer
Zelda Hantz
Allison and Steve Harding
Nisa Harris and Rabbi Harris
Janet and Abe Hershman
Greta Z''L and Howard Herskowitz
Tracy and Jamison Hochster
Stacey and Russell Hoppenstein
Marcia and Norman Hoppenstein
Barbara Horowitz
Suzy and Martin Hotchkiss
Bonnie and Monte Hurst
Joan Jackson
Janine and Hal Jayson
Linda and Murray Johnson
Dana and Craig Johnson
Julie Judson and David Galstyan
Charlotte and Josh Kahn
Anita and Lyle Kaliser
Sandy and Mark Kaman
Janet and Gary Kaner
Nancy and Jay Kanter
Kathryn and Seth Kaplan
Desiree and Charles Kaplan
Lindsay and Nick Karr
Karen and Richard Kassanoff
Debbie and Bruce Katz
Perry Kaufman
Betty Lou and Fred Kenner
Sherrie and Jeff Klein
Lisa and William Kleinman
Betsy and Mark Kleinman
Elizabeth and Jay Kleinman
Deborah and Peter Koeppel
Judy and Jeff Kogutt
Beth and Larry Konig
Wendy and Philip Korenman
Leslie and Robert Krakow
Rose Kreditor
Eileen and Aaron Kreisler
Donna Kun
Cindie and David Kurtz
Pam and Matt Kurtzman
Terry and Jeff Kurz
Charmaine Lampert
Jill and Adam Lampert
Becky and Dan Langerman
Elaine and Mel Lerman
Rachel and Isaac Leventon
Jerry Levine
Joanne and Steven Levy
Arnold Levy
Julie and Jay Liberman
Elizabeth and Robert Liener
Judith Lifson
Melissa Lowenkron
Lisa Lowey
Rose and William Lumry
Emily and Brett Luskey
Staci and Jeff Mankoff
Rhonda and Fraser Marcus
Weezie and Mark Margolis
Judith and Benton Markey
Rebecca Renee Jolley and Corey Metz
Adriana and Dani Meyerovitz
Avery More
Erica and Dan Morenoff
Carol and Stuart Morse
Meryl and Scott Nason
Lynda and Gordon Newman
Michael Novick
Louis Okon
Tina and Marcus Orlowski
Andrea and Jason Scott Parker
Liora and John Peiser
Sondra and Alan Perkins
Annette and Steve Perkins
Debra and Joe Pevsner
Sabina and Scott Pincus
Jamie Pink
Carol and Harold Pinker
Melissa and Bart Plaskoff
Sofia and Jorge Poliak
Lauri and Irv Prengler
Myra and Stuart Prescott
Jess and Alex Prescott
Debra and Fred Rabinowitz
Irene and Buddy Raden
Rosalyn and David Rawitscher
Gloria and Lionel Reiman
Karen and Jim Reisman
Ann and Marc Richman
Jacky and Shifra Roffe
Nancy and Joel Roffman
Terri and Richard Rohan
Lilach and Amichai Ron
Carol and Allan Rosen
Barbara Rosenberg
Judge Jeff L Rosenfield
Kimberly and Jon Ross
Beverly and Cary Rossel
Heddy and Bill Roth
Colleen and Stanley Rothschild
Bari and Jonathan Rothschild
Paige and Neal Rothstein
Donna and Byron Rubin
Susie and Alan Rubin
Shirley Rubin
Dafna and Neil Rubinstein
Helene and Joe Rudberg
Lisa and Steve Rudner
Amy and Jason Sandler
Celia and David Saunders
Lauren and Joe Savariego
Vivian and Richard Schaar
Brittany and Michael Schackman
Sheryl and Robert Schiffman
Tara and Jeffrey Schiller
Kathy and Steven Schneider
Marilyn Schnitzer
Kim and Avie Schonwald
Maura Schreier-Fleming and Neil Fleming
Lisa and Don Schwarz
Debbie and David Schweig
May Sebel
Ed Sedacca
Laura and Jeff Seymour
Ricki and Gabe Shapiro
Alyssa and Sasha Sicular
Beth and Jeffrey Siegel
Linda and Mark Siegel
Michelle and Andrew Silver
Sandy and Larry Silverman
Judith and Russell Silverstein
Sanford Singer
Ashley and Jeff Skibell
Genna and Lev Skolnik
Robert Solimani
Marian and Jack Spitzberg
Lynn and Jay Staub
Andrea and Brett Steiger
Jody and Kyle Stein
Fran and Sydney Steiner
Arlene and David Steinfield
Lori and Adam Stern
Andrea and Robert Stoler
Toby Stone
Shirley and Larry Strauss
Carla and James Strauss
Dawn Strauss
Susan and Robert Sugerman
Susan and Allan Sutker
Helen and Bill Sutker
Nancy and Gerald Szor
Monica and Eddie Tanur
Larry Taub
Betsy and Todd Teitell
Stacey and Michael Titens
JoAnn and Robert Tobey
Ruth and David Tobin
Julie and George Tobolowsky
Gina and Alan Tolmas
Linda Tycher
Ellen and Josh Ungerman
Nancy Ungerman
Betty and Steve Ungerman
Maddy and Mark Unterberg
Gerald Urbach
Trina Valverde
Mrs. Katherine Veeder
Barry Waranch
Pamela and Alan Weiner
Joanie and Shelly Weinstein
Donna Casey and Gary L Weinstein
Carol and Jon Weinstein
Melissa and Brad Welcher
Rebecca and Brad Weprin
Sheryl and Stuart Wernick
Lea and Fry Wernick
Harriet Whiting
Cindy and David Winston
Laura and Steve Wolens
Paula and Marc Wolens
Linda and Michael Wolfson
Karen and Shelby Wyll
Joanie and Gene Wyll
Cory Feldman and Spencer Yasbin
Sheryl and Alan Yonack
Natalie and Blake Zale
Sheri Zlotky
Sissy and David Zoller

Ben Gurion Society

Under 40 and $1,000 or more

Jamie and Aaron Ashton
Micole and Andrew Cobert
Daley Epstein
Lauren and Ben Fine
Whitney and Jon Fleschler
Nicole and Justin Glass
Cole Horowitz
Jonathan Itzhakov
Marissa Kaufman
Lauren and Max Korenvaes
Kevin Kotamarti
Claudia and Steven Moglovkin
Ethan Prescott
Matt Prescott
Mollie Rose
Carli Hammer and Brent M Rubin
Brett Stanley
Evan Weil
Brittany and Daniel Zeltser

Community Support

$365 - $1,999

Terry and Bruce Abel
Jessica Abramowitz and Rabbi Ariel Rackovsky
Melissa and Baer Ackerman
Chaya and Yitzy Adelman
Andrea and Mateen Aini
Alissa and Stuart Akerman
Artie and Mona Allen
Steven Altshuler
Peggy and William Amdur
Mindy and Martin Appell
Sharon and Bruce Aranoff
Ann Arnold and Eugene Morris
Susie Avnery
Farzin and Mojgan Bakhshian
Sheryl and Eliot Barnett
Grace Bascope and Dan Gruen
Denise and Stephen Baskind
Allison and Jarrod Bassman
Ilene and Britt Baumel
Jay Beck
Allison and Josh Becker
Linda and Leonard Behr
Lynn and Robert Behrendt
Diana and Brad Behringer
Tara and Josh Beliak
Susan and Ken Bendalin
Jerry and Diane Benjamin
Sandra and Scott Berger
Barbara Berger
Larry and Sheri Berk
Yuliya Berman and Aharon Tarnavsky
Andrea and Mark Berman
Melissa and Stephen Bernstein
Jordana and Joshua Bernstein
Patti and Bruce Bernstien
Elaine and Richard Berry
Elaine Betcher
Joyce Birk
Naomi Bloom
Andy and Jon Blum
Wendy and Steve Blum
Malcolm and Beverly Bonnheim
Melissa and Brian Borovay
Mary and Michael Broder
Beth Young and Lisa Brodsky
Robert Brody
Beth and Kenneth Broodo
Beth and Michael Brown
Glenn Bruck
Laura and Jeffrey Buch
Dawn and Craig Budner
Paula and Scott Burford
Carol and Edward Burger
Jayme and Cameron Burk
Laura and Ezra Burstein
Marguerite Burtis and Peter Vogel
Jared Caplan
Margot and Adam Carter
Leslie and Santiago Ceballos
Suzanne Goldstein and Paul Chafetz
Julie Chapman-Paul and Craig Paul
Debora Charles
Jennifer and David Charney
Christopher and Karen Cheniae
Linda and Robert Chozick
Robert and Sharon Chudnow
Joni and Bob Cohan
Jayme and Justin Cohen
Cathy and Mark Cohen
Andrea and John Cohen
Rabbi Kimberly Herzog-Cohen and Rabbi Michael Cohen
Harley and Melissa Cohen
Linda and Harlan Cohen
Rose and Brian Cohen
Howard Cohen
Carole Cohen
Jo and Stanley Cohen
Alanah and Blake Coleman
Clifford Conner
Liz and Rusty Cooper
Lynn and Barry Cooper
Miriam and Albert Creemer
Joanne and Gary Croll
Robyn and Brad Crumpecker
Stacy and Alex Cushing
Scott Cytron
Joey and Josh Daniel
Jeri and Gregg Danon
Shirley and Bill Davidoff
Tina and Mark Davidoff
Harlan Davis
Dorothy and Steven Davis
Tina De Jesus
Diane and Richard Diamond
Adrienne and Dennis Drapkin
Dolly and Ron Dribben
Kelly and Andy Dropkin
David Dubbs
Rabbi Dubrawsky and Leah Dubrawsky
Rabbi Dubrawsky and Baila Dubrawsky
Ricki and Jeff Dworkin
Sara and Kevin Dym
Amy and Dustin Eber
Gary Eisenstat
Eden and Tom Elieff
Janet and Robert Elkin
Macki and Paul Ellenbogen
Sally Epstein
Tom Fagadau
Kerry and Michael Fagelman
Kristen and Mitchell Fagelman
Donna and Stanley Fagin
Michelle and Stephen Falk
Janis and Byron Falk
Eric and Erica Feldman
Emily and Stephen Feldman
Dana and Howard Feldman
Norman and Paula Feldman
Amy and Adam Fenster
Laura and Richard Fine
Stanley Fine
Myra and Bert Fischel
Erica and David Foland
Diane and Gary Freed
Steve and Jaclyn Freedman
Kathleen and Alan Freeman
Eve and Daniel Frid
Michelle and Scott Friedman
Debbie and David Friedman
Terry and Mike Friedman
Barbara Friedman
Kathryn and Robert Frish
Shelley and Jerome Galant
Ann and Michael Gallant
Abbey and Kathy Garber
Tsipi and Mark Gardner
Karen and Glenn Garfield
Cheryl and Dave Gartenberg
Dana and Brad Gaswirth
Dana and Quin Gerard
Laurie and Robert Gidlow
Gail and Allan Gilbert
Beverly and Chuck Ginsburg
Lindy and Mark Girson
Lori Glazer
Shelley and Richard Glazer
Barbara and Larry Glazer
Fern and Stuart Gleichenhaus
Joan and Robert Glosser
Louise and Mark Gold
Gary Goldberg
Devon and Richard Goldberg
Kari and David Goldberg
Cindy and Randy Goldman
Liz and Hilton Goldreich
Ariella and Don Goldstein
Richard Goldstein
Sarah and Brett Golman
Larry Golman
Nina and Jonathan Goodman
Alissa and Bobby Goodman
Krista and Mark Goodman
Juliette and Harold Goodman
Sandra and Daniel Gorman
Julie and Sander Gothard
Barry and Sandi Greenberg
Barry and Terry Greenberg
Carol Greenberg
Paula and David Greenman
Fred Grinnell
Ellen and Mark Grishman
Julee and Jerry Grodin
Jody Gross
Elaina and Gary Gross
Allison and Brian Grossman
Kimberly and David Grossman
Linda and George Guillot
Deborah and Howard Haile
Andrew and Cheryl Halpern
Cara and Gregg Hamburger
Amy and Joseph Harberg
Liz and Todd Harmon
Freda and John Heald
Beatriz and Bruce Hecht
Reid and Karen Heller
Ruthie Hendelman
Julie and Bob Herman
Bertta and Scott Herstein
Ladd Hirsch
Donna and Richard Hirsch
Charles Hirschberg
Linda and Barry Hoffer
Carrie and Thomas Hoffman
Jackie and Michael Hoffman
Jeff Hoppenstein
Adele Hurst
Carlos and Lisa Ido
Nancy and Larry Immerman
Tina and Steve Israel
Mark E Jacobs
Janet Bennett-Jacobs and Mitch Jacobs
Esme and Errol Jacobson
Fawzia and Jay Jaffee
Marla and Howard Janco
Melinda Jayson
Ann and Keith Kadesky
Beth and Gary Kahn
Mitzi and Rick Kahn
Gemey G. Kaliff
Stacey and Bradley Kam
Brenda and Jeffrey Kam
Rachel and Michael Kane
Jean and Steven Kaplan
Leon Kaplan
Laura Collins and Martin Karnett
Jennifer and Tom Karol
Lori and Jon Karp
Renee and David Karp
Candace Kasper-Leshin and Mark Leshin
D.J. Kassanoff
Jackie and Allan Katz
Linnie and Michael Katz
Norma and Mike Katz
Meghan and Jamie Katzen
Georgia-Lou and David Katzen
Michael Kaufman
Marilyn and Aaron Kaufman
Stanford Kaufman
Amy and Kevin Kerber
Emily and Larry Kern
Eileen and Howard Kessner
Miriam and Jeff Kitner
Jeri and David Kitner
Doris and Mordecai Klein
Sabra Klein
Minnette and Harold Kless
Sue Kollinger
Alisone and Jeffrey Kopita
Edward Koppman
Leslie and Larry Krasner
Valerie and Richard Kurz
Karen and Mickey Kurzman
Jane and Barry Lachman
Laura Lacritz
Catherine and Paul Lake
Pninit and Wayne Lampert
Carolyn and Bob Landers
Stephanie and Michael Landgarten
Roberta Lazarus
Barbara and Carl Lee
Brittney and Jeffrey Lefkovits
June Leib
Andrea and Dennis Leibovitz
Arlene Leibs
Jodi and Yan Lemeshev
Laura Leventhal
Ginger Levine and David Wallace
Linda and Stephen Levine
David Levinson
Leslie and Andrew Levy
Kathryn and Richard Levy
Sarah Wood Levy and Ira F Levy
Laura and Barry Levy
Debra Levy-Fritts and Jeff Fritts
Carla and Kevin Libby
Karen and Marc Liberman
Linda and Edward Liebman
Natalie and Jeffrey Light
Sharon and Jay Lipinsky
Mona and Jim Litrownik
Gail and Peter Loeb
Julie and Michael Lowenberg
Elaine and Michael Lowenkron
Leslie Lucks
Linda and Jason Lucks
Jeannette and Jeff Lurie
Eileen and David Lynn
Zoe and Andrew Magid
Peggy and Ben Malloy
Rosaleen and Joel Maten
Michelle and Mark Meiches
Natalie and Scott Mellman
Iris Mellman
Gloria Miller
Barbara and Clive Miskin
Elsa and Keith Mond
Franci and Bob Moses
Julie and Chip Muchin
Marilyn and George Nachman
Elizabeth and Richard Naftalis
Jerry Nagid
Nicole and Ben Nale
Lorien and Sean Nassi
Shari and Ira Nevelow
Lauren and Ben Nise
Cyvia and Marvin Noble
William Oglesby
Steven Okon
Lisa and Eric Olschwanger
Lori and Trace Ordiway
Melissa Orth
Marilyn and Harrell Pailet
Rabbi Andrew M Paley
James Panipinto
Judy and Kenneth Parker
Leslie and Steven Peskind
Joy and Jeff Phillips
Rebecca and Marc Pinker
Alice and Mark Platt
Cheryl Pollman
Kasi and Todd Pollock
Maxine and Martin Pomerantz
Rebecca and Will Posten
Annette and Sam Prager Prager
Jordan Prescott
Gloria and Kenneth Price
Jennifer and Joshua Quinn
Mark Radman
Jill Rasansky
Judith and Randall Ratner
Helene Ray
Toba and Sol Reifer
Leanne and Mark Reiter
Marcela and Dale Rhoads
Debbie and Mike Richman
Jolene Risch
Rabbi Debra J. Robbins and Larry Robins
Richard Rome
Shani and Jeff Romick
Rachel and Kyle Rosen
Kerri and John Rosenberg
Lorraine and Ian Rosenberg
Jim Rosenberg
Helen and Walter Rosenberg
Eileen and Harvey Rosenblum
Joyce and Joseph Rosenfield
Sharon Ross
Barry Rosson
Laura and David Rothbart
Linda and Arthur Rothenburg
Lisa and Hillary Rothstein
Elizabeth and Daniel Routman
Shirley Rovinsky
Felicia and Robert Rubin
Joan and Stephen Rubin
Merle Rubin
Dora and Cary Rudberg
Pamela and Michael Saks
Arlene and Alan Sandgarten
Stephanie Sandler
Romy and Steven Sarembock
Sue Sayah
Amy and Steve Schachter
Susan and Joe Schackman
Cathy and Martin Schaffer
Elaine and Robert Scharf
Terri and Sheldon Schepps
Sabrina and Adam Schiller
Norma Schlinger
Kathryn and Andy Schultz
Jaynie Schultz and Ron Romaner
Nonie and Melvin Schwartz
Barbara Schwarz
Rachel Secore
Leslie Secore
Anna and Michael Segal
Barbara and Michael Selz
Peggy and Brad Sham
Jori and Todd Shapiro
Sue and Jon Shapiro
Mary and Gordon Shapiro
Cynthia and Ronnie Shipper
Leora and David Short
Nancy and Larry Shosid
Julie and Robert Shrell
Debbie and Randy Shulkin
Susan and Ken Shulman
Jennifer and Andrew Siegel
Rena and Bud Silverberg
Jacki and Steve Silvergleit
Alanna Silverstein
Michelle and Mike Sims
Linda and Art Skibell
Elena and Jerome Small
Frank Smith
Laurie and David Sokolsky
Marissa and Rob Solls
Gerald Solomon
Gail and Robert Solomon
Lisa and Howard Spector
Blake Spiegel
Melanie Spiegel
Betty and Eric Spomer
Sidney Stahl
Janice and Stanley Statman
Andrea and Benjamin Statman
Laura and Blake Staub
Diana and Solomon Stein
Saundra Steinberg and Matthew Wilner
Judy and Robert Steinberg
Beverly and Dan Steinfink
Meredith and Barry Steinhart
Fonda and Hap Stern
Helen Stern
Evan Stone
Janet and Ronald Stukalin
Simone and Daniel Suez
Debbie and Craig Sukenic
Jennifer and Rabbi Ari Sunshine
Mariana Tagle and David Podolsky
Alex and Chad Teiber
Debbie and Tony Tello
Ora and Morti Tenenhaus
Rachel and Mark Thieberg
Turqueya Thomas
Sheryl and Michael Thum
Mindy and Ted Tobolowsky
Jeanie Tolmas
Evelyn and Paul Utay
Sheri and Jack Vine
Jenny and Michael Walters
Torie and Brian Waxler
Deborah and David Wayne
Laurence and Edra Weider
Rabbi Stefan Weinberg and Yaffa Podbilewicz-Weinberg
Karen and Howard Weiner
Jean and Bob Weinfeld
Seth Weisblatt
Gail Weisblatt
Marlene and David Weitman
Cheryl and Lane Weitz
Gail and Robert Weltman
Arden Weston
Debra and Ben Williams
Wayne Wilson
Kelly and Bob Wise
Kenneth Wise
Carole and Joram Wolanow
Dorothy Wolchansky
Loren and Robert Wolf
Elissa and Tim Wolff
Rabbi Howard Wolk
Rona Kesselman and Harry Yankuner
Liana and Jeff Yarckin
Sarah Yarrin
Dalia and Aaron Yurowitz
Katherine Krause and Warren Zahler
Ralph Zatzkis
Jo and Jerry Zeffren
Andrew Zeitman
Rabbi Zelony and Adiv Zelony
Cathy Zelzer-Clark and David Clark
Susan and Steve Zetley
Leah and Itzhak Zhrebker Zhrebker
Ellis and Ilene Zidow
Jessica Schwarz-Zik and Bruce Zik
Robin and Louis Zweig
Richard Zweig

Heritage Society

A planned gift to our Jewish community enables the benefactor to be present forever. These generous community members are committed to supporting a strong and vibrant Jewish Dallas for decades to come.

Carol and Steve Aaron Community Endowment Fund
Sylvan Baer Foundation
Ben G. Barnett Foundation
The Mitchell & Miriam Lewis Barnett Charitable Trust
Judith H. Barton LOJE Fund
Harriett and Bernard Becker PACE Fund
Zelda and Harold Bierner PACE Fund
Sylvia Bloom LOJE Fund
Bookatz Endowment Fund
Irving Brooks PACE Fund
Candy and Ike Brown Philanthropic Fund
Candy Brown LOJE Fund
Carol Gene Cohen LOJE Fund
Tex and Belle Cole Memorial Endowment Fund
Ervin and Frances Donsky PACE Fund
Evelyn Dritch PACE Fund
Fran Eisenberg LOJE Fund
Bill Epstein MD PACE Fund
Sylvia Epstein PAGE Fund
Sanford and Jeanne Fagadau PACE Fund
Feinstein Family Foundation
Norton Feld Memorial Fund
Sara Beren Feldman Emerald LOJE Fund
Leo & Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation/Joe Goldman
James and Mary Galleta PACE Fund
Cheryl and Paul Gardner PACE Fund
Arthur S. and Ruth Friedman Goldberg Endowment Fund
Hyman Golman PACE Fund
Lois W. Gordon Endowment Fund
Joanna Greenstone LOJE Fund
Helen Gross Memorial Fund
Murray and Esther Gurentz Memorial PACE Fund
Roberta Herman LOJE Fund
The Hirsch Family Foundation
Stephanie and Mike Hirsh Endowment Fund
Patsy and Michael Hochman Charitable Foundation
Ynette Hogue LOJE Fund
Joel and Wendy Holiner Family Philanthropic Fund
Ann Goodman Kahn Family Endowment Fund
Louise Kahn Endowment Fund
Dr. Herman and Ruth Kantor PACE Fund
Kay and Sherman Kaplan Memorial Fund
Ellen Z. Kaufman Memorial Fund
Sam and Anne Kesner PACE Fund
Patricia Kraines LOJE Fund
Mark and Carol Kreditor PACE Fund
Ben W. Kuhn PACE Fund
Minette and Calmon Landa PACE Fund
Doris Levine LOJE Fund
Morris and Ida Levine PACE Fund
Sol Levine PACE Fund
Susan Levy LOJE Fund
Fae Turner Lewis LOJE Fund
Gerda Vogel Marx PACE Fund
Sheryl Mexic LOJE Fund
Val and Ursula Millers Memorial PACE Fund
Murray and Sarah Munves PACE Fund
H. Richard Myers and Sidney I. Myers Memorial PACE Fund
Bess Nathan JFGD Young Leadership Award Fund
Mahra and Kevin Pailet Philanthropic Fund
Selma and I. Ben Parrill Memorial PACE Fund
Elsie and Stanley C. Pearle PACE Fund
Carol and Harold Pinker Endowment Fund
Lawrence and Hortense Pollock Memorial Endowment Fund
Post and Solomon Families Fund
Julis Romo Rabinowitz Family Fund
Paula Romberg LOJE Fund
Everett Rosenberg PACE Fund
Suellen and A.J. Rosmarin Endowment Fund
Stanley Rubenstein PACE Fund
Byrna Funk Ruby LOJE Fund
Jay and Rebecca Rudberg Memorial Endowment Fund
The Rudd Foundation
Lisa Rudner LOJE Fund
Ike and Fanny Sablosky Foundation
Etty Sardas LOJE Fund
Fannie and Bernard Schaenen PACE Fund
Marilyn Schaffer LOJE Fund
Celia Schoenbrun LOJE Fund
Leslie and Howard Schultz Endowment Fund
Helen S. Shalom Endowment Fund
Cherie and Neal Small Endowment Fund
Cheryl Small LOJE Fund
Paul R. and Renee Stanley Family Endowment Fund
Wendy Stanley LOJE Fund
Samuel G. and Della Steinberg PACE Fund
Linda Steinberg LOJE Fund
Janet Cecile Stone and Louis Stone PACE Fund
Joseph and Helen Swiff Memorial Fund
Herman P. and Sophia Taubman Foundation
Julius and Marian Tills Endowment Fund
Peggy M. Tobolowsky LOJE Fund
Erwin I. and Maxine P. Waldman PACE Fund
Herman and Ruth Waldman Designated Fund
Jackie Waldman LOJE Fund
Andrea Weinstein LOJE Fund
Rosalie Altman Wiman LOJE Fund
Janice M. Cable Winton LOJE Fund
Richard L. Wintroub Endowment Fund
Janis and Manny Zelzer PACE Fund
Pat Zilbermann LOJE Fund
Kim Zoller LOJE Fund