Partnership 2Gether

The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas makes a direct impact on the day-to-day lives of Israeli citizens through a direct partnership with the Western Galilee, the northernmost part of Israel along the Mediterranean Sea, through the Partnership 2Gether program with Israel.


The goal of Dallas’s Partnership program is to build strong, meaningful relationships between the Dallas Jewish community with the land, spirit, and people of the Western Galilee to ensure a safe, secure, and vibrant State of Israel.


Our region is rich with geographic and cultural diversity, and the Dallas community is committed to strengthening and supporting the region. Through Partnership, the Dallas community supports a number of organizations working with youth at risk to help them develop skills to succeed in school, in the army, and as adult citizens in Israel. WE also support care for adults and children with special needs with dignity and empowerment.


The Dallas community has invested in the region, connecting with budding small businesses, high tech companies, and entrepreneurs who keep Israel on the cutting edge of the global economy. We support tourism efforts to highlight the region and entrepreneurial ventures that are making this gem of Israel an attractive place for businessmen and families alike to move to, ensuring a Jewish foothold in a diverse region. 

A hallmark of the Partnership program is the peoplehood efforts, bringing Israelis to our community to teach, connect, and collaborate with people across Dallas, as well as helping as many people as possible from our community visit the region and experience our work firsthand.


For more information or to get involved, email Carly Glikman, Major Gifts Officer, Immersive Experiences. 


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Dallas & Western Galilee