A Joint Statement from Our Board Chair & CEO

Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas (JFGD) is outraged by the harassment and vandalism of Dallas City Council Member Cara Mendelsohn and her home. On Saturday, February 10th, the fence of her home was defaced with antisemitic graffiti, following months of harassment and bullying outside her home and at Dallas City Hall. The vandalization of private property is never a legitimate form of political discourse. Furthermore, holding an individual Jew responsible for the actions of Israel is antisemitic.

This harassment and vandalism are part of public inflammatory and antisemitic efforts over the last several months to bully Council Member Mendelsohn and pressure the Dallas City Council to pass a ceasefire resolution.  

Jewish Federation, in coordination with ADL Texoma and AJC Dallas, has been meeting with Dallas City Council members, as well as state and federal elected officials to provide accurate information, shed light on false narratives, and articulate how the divisive language leads to increased hate in our community – as we have now seen at Council Member Mendelsohn’s home. 

Since the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel, antisemitic incidents have jumped more than 300%, according to ADL. In our own community in Dallas, we have not been spared from antisemitic threats to our Jewish schools, homes, and institutions. JFGD's Department of Community Security works daily, in partnership with local law enforcement, to ensure the safety and security of our local Jewish community. 

This past weekend, during the Super Bowl, a 30-second ad by the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism shed light on the rise in antisemitism and hate crimes, encouraging all to #StandUpToJewishHate. The need to spend millions of dollars to raise awareness of antisemitism speaks volumes to the concern of the Jewish community today. 

JFGD condemns antisemitism, harassment, and hatred of all kinds. We urge all residents and community members to engage in peaceful, civil discourse. JFGD’s Department of Community Relations has engaged in decades-long efforts to educate our community about the threats of antisemitism and build and strengthen understanding and relationships among the diverse faith and ethnic communities in the Dallas area.


Dot Haymann
Board Chair
Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas
Igor Alterman
President & CEO
Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas