Bold New Billboards Challenge Dallas-Area Residents to Fight Antisemitism

Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas is partnering with the national nonprofit organization for local awareness campaign fighting religious intolerance and hate.
Dallas, TX • February 9, 2023

With a concerning rise in anti-Jewish vandalism and harassment taking place not only around America, but across Dallas and the state of Texas, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas (JFGD), in partnership with the national nonprofit organization JewBelong, is looking to challenge area residents to fight rising antisemitism and hatred in their community.

The two groups have installed three prominent billboards around the Dallas metro area this week, stating the following messages:

  • “Can a billboard end antisemitism? No, but you’re not a billboard.”
  • “We’re just 75 years since the gas chambers. So no, a billboard calling out Jew hate isn’t an overreaction.”
  • “Does your church need armed guards? ‘Cause our synagogue does.”

The Anti-Defamation League reported in April of this year that it received more than 2,700 reports of assault, harassment, and vandalism in the U.S. during 2021, the highest total since it began tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979. Over the last couple years, high-profile anti-Semitic incidents in Texas have included bomb threats, swastikas being drawn in public places and hostage situations.

The billboards in the Dallas area appear at the following locations:

  • Central (75) S/O Royal E/S F/N
  • LBJ (635) .5 miles W/O Hillcrest S/S F/E
  • D.N. Tollway S/O Lovers Lane W/S F/N

JewBelong, founded in 2017 by marketing executives Archie Gottesman and Stacy Stuart, offers

online community and educational resources to spark conversations around Jewish issues and religious tolerance. The group is known for its attention-grabbing outdoor marketing campaigns and billboards, which have appeared in campaigns across the country.

“Antisemitism has become tolerated and normalized across the country,” says JewBelong co-Founder Archie Gottesman. “The type of hate leveled against Jews followed by the deafening silence from supposedly good people should be abhorrent to anyone who stands for justice. You don’t have to be a historian to know that being quiet about hate doesn’t stop the haters, it emboldens them. We need to call out Jew hatred wherever we see it.”

Starting in 2021 following the increase of antisemitism in the United States, JewBelong's #EndJewHate awareness campaign has appeared in dozens of cities and states across the U.S. in major cities including Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Miami as well as internationally in Toronto, Canada.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas (JFGD) is the leading fundraising agency on behalf of the Dallas Jewish community. JFGD’s Jewish Community Relations Council and Community Security Initiative work daily to advocate for and ensure the safety and security of the Jewish community.

“In Dallas, the Jewish community is thriving. Yet even here, we are not spared from anti-Semitic attacks. The events of Colleyville, for example, show that we must remain vigilant and educate a new generation of allies. The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas puts unparalleled efforts to combat antisemitism and stands against hatred and bigotry of all kinds,” said Igor Alterman, President and CEO of the Federation. “Together, we fight ignorance, bring awareness, and advocate for a safer place for future generations of Texans.”

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Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

The Federation is the central coordinating fundraising agency for the Dallas Jewish community. It is the one place where philanthropy, volunteerism and shared commitment come together to make a difference in the community and the world. From hometown to homeland, Federation brings lifesaving and life-sustaining care to Jews in need in Dallas and overseas.

JFGD, President and CEO Igor Alterman

Igor Alterman serves as the President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas. Alterman has transformed organizations he had an opportunity to lead. Before moving to Dallas, Igor spent over a decade with the Hillel movement, serving in various executive roles, and winning multiple recognitions, including the most prestigious Richard M. Joel Exemplar of Excellence Award. Graduate of the Hebrew Union College, Alterman is a member of the Wexner Field Fellowship, Schusterman ROI Community, Hartman, among others.


JewBelong is a non-profit group fighting antisemitism through a national outdoor campaign that includes traditional billboards as well as trucks with messages crisscrossing the US. JewBelong also offers education and meaningful DIY rituals for Jews, allies and anyone who has felt like a Jewish outsider or feels disengaged from the religion.

JewBelong Co-founder Archie Gottesman

Archie Gottesman is the co-founder of JewBelong, a nonprofit organization and web-based platform promoting religious tolerance and support for the Jewish faith. Using awareness campaigns, including outdoor campaigns in cities like Atlanta, New York, Boston, and San Francisco, JewBelong also focuses on ending the antisemitism growing in the U.S. Prior to founding JewBelong, Archie served for more than 30 years as executive vice president/chief branding officer of Edison Properties and its multiple entities. Gottesman was the voice behind Manhattan Mini Storage’s iconic billboards, which became a viral sensation with a mix of edgy humor and common-sense advice.