Parents & Public Schools



The JCRC Education Initiative is dedicated to the content accuracy in K-12 instructional materials as they relate to Jews, Judaism, and Israel. One way to achieve this goal is through community engagement.


The JCRC reaches out to parents, congrgations, religious schools, organizations, and youth groups to provide information and high quality resources about Jews, Judaism, and Israel that can be shared with public and private school educators. The JCRC Education Initiative also offers guidance for navigating the sensitive church-state issues that sometimes arise in our public schools. We provide connections to experts to help parents when serious concerns so come up. 


The JCRC Education Initiative also writes and distributes the quarterly newsletter that provides information about important issues affecting our public schools. 


For more information, email Anita Zusman Eddy, or call 214-615-5292.

The #1 Indicator of Student Success is Parent Involvement*

Driving carpool, overseeing homework, working at the school carnival, serving in the PTA, Booster Club, or on a school district committee -- it’s not how you’re involved but that you are involved!

Research shows that students with parents who prioritize education, become informed stakeholders, and volunteer in some capacity achieve at higher levels and are more likely to take ownership of their own educational success. Involved parents are also critical to thriving public schools; yet too often, they become a rarity. PEI is committed to helping parents become involved and to supporting those who are already. Our goal is to build statewide networks of active, involved Jewish parents who will become   positioned to impact not only their own children’s education but that of all kids. 



The PEI Parent Connections

  • Connecting Jewish parents with one another to promote the creation of a support network between parents with Jewish children in public school.
  • Connecting parents with the information and resources to become effective public education advocates.
  • Connecting parents with high quality educational materials to share with the administration and teachers in their schools.
  • Connecting parents with experts who can navigate legal issues and questions regarding religion in public schools.
  • Connecting educators with accurate resources and materials regarding Jews, Judaism, and Israel.


The JCRC recommends materals produced by the Anti-Defamation League including: