The JCRC serves as an umbrella organization for the Jewish organizations, agencies and religious institutions in and around Dallas. As the public affairs division of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, our mission includes community outreach and legislative relations through a variety of interfaith, social action and Israel initiatives. 


As a representative body of the Jewish community in Dallas, the JCRC recognizes the importance of building meaningful and lasting relationships between Jews and communities of all faiths and ethnicities. The JCRC cultivates these relationships to increase cultural understanding and to enact positive and progressive change in the greater Dallas area.

The JCRC works to build relationships with faith groups across the board, including but not limited to, Protestant, Catholic and Muslim communities. Additionally, the JCRC reaches out to the diverse ethnic communities of North Texas to provide opportunities for dialog and partnership. The JCRC believes that these relationships will foster sensitivity and understanding of issues of priority and concern within the Jewish community, and will create a culture of support and friendship between people of all backgrounds. 

Social Action
Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is a central value of the Jewish faith and the Jewish people. The JCRC uses this idea to guide and inform its work in the greater Dallas community. Through participating in a variety of progressive social and legislative initiatives, the JCRC brings Jewish values to the forefront of social change and development in our community.  


The JCRC is a founding member of the Anti-Poverty Coalition of Greater Dallas, which brings together a number of area organizations to improve the financial health of our communities. One such project focuses on combating predatory payday lending practices in low-income neighborhoods. Furthermore, the JCRC reaches out to elected officials across the spectrum, to advocate for positive legislative action impacting Dallas.


The JCRC, as part of the Anti-Poverty Coalition, was instrumental in a successful advocacy effort urging the Dallas City Council to release $200,000 to help market and promote the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) services to help alleviate poverty in the greater Dallas area. This initiative allowed working families across the Dallas area to access free tax preparation services and to claim eligible tax credits that put money back into their pockets and back into the Dallas economy.


As a national homeland for the Jewish people, Israel plays a central role in modern Jewish identity. The JCRC is dedicated to supporting Israel, through education and advocacy. The JCRC aims to provide accurate and balanced information concerning political and social conditions in Israel and the Middle East. The JCRC actively advocates on behalf of Israel locally and beyond, reaching out to a broad network of legislative, institutional and community organizations. 


The JCRC has organized the pro-Israel movement throughout Greater Dallas to provide visible and strong support during times of both peace and conflict, and is instrumental in convening a wide range of Jewish and non-Jewish advocates to both learn about and demonstrate their support for the Jewish homeland. The JCRC is committed to providing financial and social assistance to Israelis in need, while working to secure the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.


Partner Agencies
As the central organizing force for the Dallas Jewish community, the JCRC partners with a diverse array of local Jewish institutions, including political, civic, service and faith-based organizations. As the central organizing force for the Dallas Jewish community, the JCRC partners with all local Jewish institutions, a diverse array of political, civic, service and faith-based organizations.


The JCRC works in association with our parent organizations, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the Jewish Federations of North America, and Israel Action Network.


JCRC Executive Committee 2022-23

Cyd Friedman, Chair

Robert Feldman, Advisor

Kathy Garber

Carol Kreditor

Ann Margolin, Advisor

Cindy Sweet Moskowitz, Immediate Past Chair

Mark Mullaney

Lillian Pinkus, Advisor

Jay Post

Rabbi Adam Roffman

A.J. Rosmarin

Brent Rubin

Melanie Rubin, Advisor

Florence Shapiro, Advisor

Ron Steinhart, Advisor ​

Dawn Strauss

Andrea Weinstein, Advisor

Josh Yudkin


Contact Us
Michelle Golan 
Friedman, Interim Director, 214-615-5229

Yolanda Jackson, JCRC Project Coordinator, 214-615-5233