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Missions are designed to provide exposure and connection to the global Jewish community and offer exclusive, insider access to local community leaders, elected officials, and special projects. These experiences provide the opportunity for travelers from Dallas to connect to their Jewish identity and gain insight into the shared heritage, traditions, and values that make us one global people.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas is uniquely positioned to provide quality travel experiences that not only provide sightseeing in foreign counties, but also insight into the impact Federations make and our connection to Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.

Whatever your reason for going, the Federation can help you get the most from your experience.

For more information, email Carly Glikman or call 214-615-5222.

Missions and Travel Opportunities


Masa Israel Journey

Dive into Israel’s rich history and vibrant culture on one of Masa Israel Journey’s gap year, study abroad, post-college or volunteer programs.


JDC Entwine
Entwine, an initiative of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), is a one-of-a-kind movement of young Jewish advocates, influencers, and leaders, who seek to make a lasting impact on the global Jewish community. Entwine offers a continuum of service opportunities for young Jewish adults who want to make an impact in overseas Jewish communities, in Israel, or in other locations where JDC is involved in non-sectarian development work. Find out more information about Entwine trips. 


Go Galilee!
We’ve developed a unique opportunity for Dallasites to experience our Partnership2Gether region, the Western Galilee, during trips to Israel. You’ll get to know the people, the community and Israel on a deeper level than a typical tourist. Many of those who travel to Israel through the Federation come back with a personal relationship with Israel, and are excited and energized to get or stay involved with Israel-related programming.


Taglit-Birthright Israel is a free 10-day trip to explore Israel’s most remarkable tourist destinations and beyond with fellow 18-26 year olds.

You haven’t seen Israel if you haven’t seen it with us! Whether you are interested in a group mission or personal trip, we can deliver first class, meaningful travel experiences and cultural discoveries around the world. 


Aliyah: For more information about aliyah, please contact the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Travel to Israel

The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas works with a number of tour organizers for trips to Israel and other destinations around the world. We work closely with three experienced tour companies who can help you plan your next Israel trip. If you are a member of a Federation Giving Society, assistance in planning travel is a part of your services package. For more information, email Carly Glikman. .


VIP Travel

Federation can help plan and coordinate memorable experiences in Israel and around the world!


  • Don’t just take another trip. We can create experiences that can change your life.
  • Engage your heart, mind, body, and soul through exciting and active adventures.
  • Explore up close Jewish history and culture.
  • Take advantage of our unique access to community leaders and government officials.
  • See first-hand extraordinary ways Federation connects the people of Dallas with Jews in Israel and countries across the world. 


We'd love to have you visit our Partnership Region, the Western Galilee. Tell us your travel plans!