Calendar Submission Information

By long-standing agreement, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas' primacy period is from January 1 - end of February. Thank you in advance for adhering to the practice of no fundraising activities during this time. This policy will help us all meet the considerable fundraising responsibility that the Federation carries out on behalf of our Jewish community through its Annual Community Campaign.

Online Community Calendar

The Community Calendar is an important tool to help plan and coordinate our Jewish community's events. By working together, we can ensure we are all aware of important dates and events, and also inform members of the local Jewish community about these events.

The following are events and programs that should be submitted to the Calendar:

  • local to DFW or for the DFW community
  • led by a Jewish non-profit
  • open to the community or select group(s) in the community

*The calendar is reserved for community events. Board, executive, and private meetings will not be published. Event holds are limited to a maximum of 2 dates. 

NOTE: Due to security concerns, event locations, contact last names and attendance estimates will not be shown on the Community Calendar. We ask that you provide this information for internal tracking purposes only.

Updating of Calendar Event and Scheduling Conflicts

It is the responsibility of agencies and organizations to notify us of any event updates or cancellations. Please email us to make a change in your event.

In the case of a scheduling conflict, it is the responsibility of your organization to contact the organization with whom there is a conflict to resolve. If you want to hold certain dates until your event date is final, please remember to let us know to remove the "hold" once your date is confirmed.

Check the calendar often as dates may change. We rely on the individuals who are responsible for planning meetings and events in their organizations for timely changes and updates in their organization's plans.