14 2016

Wiesenthal-The Play

8:00PM - 10:00PM  

Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts
Ticket Office: 872-744-4650, Matinee at 2pm on Saturday, April 16, 2016 and Sunday, April 17, 2016; Group Rates for 10+ 2351 Performance Drive
Richardson, TX 75082
972-744-4650 sarah.nesbit@cor.gov

Contact Sarah Nesbit
Sarah Nesbit is the Marketing Manager at the Eisemann Center. I am Carol J. Levy and followed my Temple Emanu-El link to this site.

$ Cost $ 43.00

Filled with hope, humanity and humor, Wiesenthal is the riveting true story of Simon Wiesenthal, an ordinary man who did extraordinary things. Nicknamed the “Jewish James Bond,” he devoted his life to bringing more than 1,100 Nazi war criminals to justice. Intelligent, funny, flawed and noble, Wiesenthal was a universal hero. His unbelievable dedication and tenacity over decades is honored in this play, written by and starring Tom Dugan. An Eisemann Center Presents Theatre Series production. www.wiesenthaltheplay.com