2 2014

What's In Your Genes: Jewish Genetic Disease Carrier Screening

11:00AM - 3:00PM  

Temple Shalom 6930 Alpha Road
Dallas, TX

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Jewish Genetic Disease Carrier Screening for anyone 18-50 who is thinking about having children now or in the future. Did you know that there are a group of several and often fatal diseases with a higher carrier rate among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews? A carrier means that you, yourself, are healthy but could one day pass a disease on to your future children, if you and your partner are carriers for that same disease. The good news is that you can have healthy children is your own. But first you need to know your carrier status.

This pre-conception carrier screening is for you if you are: * single *married *partnered *between 18-50 *in an interfaith relationship *already have children but are planning on expanding your family *gay or straight *considering the use of donor egg/sperm *Ashkenazi *Sephardic *Persian *have even one Jewish grandparent

Sponsor: Jewish Genetic Disease Prevention Project in partnership with host Temple Shalom