24 2017

Tiferet Israel: Book Club

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Tiferet Israel 10909 Hillcrest Road
Dallas, TX 75230
214-691-3611 jennifer@tiferetisrael.org

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"Beneath a Scarlett Sky" by Mark Sullivan. Led by Sonia Meltzer.
This book is the story of Pino Lella, an Italian teenager during the later days of World War II. While Lella starts off as a pretty average teenage boy – interested in the things that call to teenage boys, namely speed (fast cars and skiing), girls, food, and music – he soon becomes a lifesaver – guiding parties of fleeing Jews over the Italian Alps to safety. When he reaches 18, his parents insist that he enlist in the occupying German army, so that he will have choices and not be sent to the Russian Front – pretty much a death sentence. He becomes the driver for a commander in the Nazi engineering and construction group, Organization Todt, in Milan. Lella is in a position to pass valuable information to the Italian Resistance forces, which he does. This is an enthralling story of a young man growing up fast and choosing to help those who need his assistance to survive. This is a book with romance as well as excitement, as Lella falls in love with an older woman, a war widow, who will be the great love of his life.

This book is also the Community read. Enjoy an in depth discussion with Sonia, then attend the community read to meet the author!