20 2015

The New Face of Conflict: Lessons from the 2014 Gaza War for America

6:30PM - 8:30PM  

Old Parkland - Pecan Room 3819 Maple Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

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In December 2014, JINSA commissioned a high-level task force of retired U.S. generals to visit Israel and conduct a balanced, independent assessment of the Israeli military's conduct in the summer 2014 campaign in Gaza.

The delegation's landmark report, unveiled on March 9, 2015 in the Pentagon, Washington D.C., and New York at events that drew opinion leaders representing various branches of the military, federal officials, think tanks, pro-Israel advocacy groups, defense contractors, and the media, provides an expert account of Israel's conduct and offer lessons learned for future U.S. operations against terrorist entities in urban environments.

Dr. Michael Makovsky joined JINSA in 2013 as CEO. A U.S. national security expert, he has worked extensively on Iran's nuclear program, the Middle East, and the intersection of international energy markets and politics with U.S. national security. Makovsky has been published on national security issues in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Weekly Standard, and
The New Republic. Dr. Makovsky has a Ph.D. in diplomatic history from Harvard University, an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School, and a B.A. in history from the University of Chicago, and is the author of
Churchill's Promised Land, a diplomatic-intellectual history of Winston Churchill's complex relationship with Zionism.

Sponsor: JINSA - The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs