8 2019

The Intersection of Liturgy, Music and Theology

4:00PM - 5:00PM  

Belmont Village - Turtle Creek 3535 N. Hall
Dallas, TX 75219

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Enjoy wine and cheese while you learn from Hebrew University of Jerusalem Musicologists Drs. Yossi Maurey and Assaf Shelleg about Psalms in music, music in the Bible and the role it plays in liturgy, politics and theology.

Free valet parking provided.

Dr. Maurey is the Chair of the Musicology Department at Hebrew University. His research interests and expertise is in Medieval sacred music, liturgy, and ritual, and has a special interest in the confluence of theology, music, manuscript culture and ideology. He recently completed research at Sainte Chapelle in Paris.

Dr. Shelleg is a Senior Lecturer in the Musicology Department at Hebrew University. He specializes in 20th century Jewish and Israeli art musics and has published in some of the leading journals in both musicology and Israel Studies on topics ranging from the historiography of modern Jewish art music to the theological networks of Israeli art music.


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