25 2018

Spring Cleaning for the Soul- FREE event

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Dallas Marriott City Center 650 North Pearl Street
Dallas, TX 75201
800.522.2252 dallas@kabbalah.com

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As springtime rolls around, many of us get out our trash bags, buckets, and boxes in order to clean out and tidy up our homes. Physically cleaning our spaces is great and all, but did you know that spring is also an optimal time to check in with ourselves on a spiritual level and examine our internal clutter?
Albert Einstein once said, "Out of clutter, find simplicity." When we take the time to cleanse our inner messiness- our personal garbage that confuses and confounds us- we can discover the simplicity of our soul and open ourselves up to what lies beneath: an enlightened, higher level of consciousness. Join us for a free seminar to learn how to stop your spiritual hoarding and let go of those attributes that block you from hearing the voice of your soul. Discover how you can elevate your consciousness through a 'spring clearing' of your soul and attract more of what you want to your life

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Sponsor: Dallas Kabbalah