28 2014


7:30PM - 9:00PM  

McCord Auditorium, third floor of Dallas Hall 3225 University Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75275
214-768-4478 sfrolov@smu.edu

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Rabbi Dr. Shai Cherry will speak on “Judaism and Darwinism.”

What are Judaism’s historical attitudes toward science? Has it changed since Darwin? We know Southern Baptists reject Darwinism—why? Is Darwinism kosher, and what are the challenges and implications for Judaism of living in a Darwinian world? In answering all these questions, Rabbi Cherry comes to the amazing conclusion that Jewish history has prepared Jews for Darwinism in an uncanny way.

Shai Cherry holds a doctorate in Jewish Thought and Theology from Brandeis University (2001); he was subsequently ordained as a Conservative Rabbi by the Ziegler School (2009). His initial research focused on Jewish articulations of creation and responses to Darwinian evolution. In addition to publications on these topics, Cherry wrote the first user-friendly textbook on Jewish biblical commentary: Torah through Time: Understanding Bible Commentary from the Rabbinic Period to Modern Times. Dr. Cherry is also the featured lecturer for The Great Course’s “Introduction to Judaism.” Most recently, his writings focus on Jewish ethics and law. Cherry has taught at Vanderbilt University, UCLA, the American Jewish University, and UCSD. In 2011, Dr. Cherry founded Shaar Hamayim: A Jewish Learning Center for high-level text study with classes for both teens and adults. In 2014, he co-founded Kosher 2.0, a kosher certifying organization that promotes ethical business practices.

Sponsor: Department of Religious Studies and Program in Jewish Studies, Dedman College, Southern Methodist University