2 2014

Progenity Jewish Genetic Prevention Education and Testing

11:00AM - 3:00PM  

Temple Shalom
United States 6930 Alpha Road
Address 2
Dallas, TX 75240

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Through the Jewish Genetic Disease (JGD) Prevention Project, we organize extremely affordable preconception community-based Jewish autosomal recessive carrier screening events in major metropolitan cities nationwide.

The JGD Prevention Project is made up of a group of passionate individuals, who through education and awareness, believe that everyone should be offered affordable screening for Jewish genetic diseases prior to pregnancy. Jewish genetic diseases are a group of severe and often fatal disorders that have a high carrier rate among individuals of Jewish descent. 1 in 4 Jews is at risk of being a carrier for at least one of several preventable, but life-threatening Jewish genetic diseases. The main purpose of The JGD Prevention Project is to provide education and spread the idea that knowledge is power in order to have healthy babies.

Prior to each screening event, The JGD Prevention Project provides education to the community by local physicians, marketing through both print and social media, and a registration website. The day of the event offers pre-counseling by certified genetic counselors, licensed phlebotomy services, and refreshments as well as an informational table to promote the partners of the Project in exchange of a 4-hour donation of space. After the screening event, results are communicated by a medical professional to the registrants and post-counseling is offered too.

The screening event itself is free of charge and all the value-added services listed above are completely covered financially. Progenity is the performing laboratory for the screening event, is CAP accredited & CLIA certified, and is fully insured. If the registrant has commercial insurance, it is utilized and cost is $25 regardless of insurance payment (for the 19 Ashkenazi genetic disease panel or 9 Sephardic genetic disease panel). If the registrant does not have insurance, a reasonable cost will be worked out beforehand through Progenity’s financial assistance program. Progenity is highly experienced in these community based screenings – doing over 35+ screenings per year nationwide and is now looking to expand in your metropolitan area.