23 2020

On The Ground In Israel

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

T. Boone Pickens Center Marnie & Kern Wildenthal Education Center 12467 Merit Drive
Dallas, TX 75251

Contact 27-0257690 Myers

“On the Ground in Israel—an update on the life of Israelis today, the economic miracle of Israel and the security threats to Israel and its people.”

In January 2020, Janine and Charles Pulman spent two weeks in Israel, talking extensively with Israelis (both Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs) involved with security, military, government, education, arts, business, agriculture and other areas, and traveling from the Israeli border at Sinai/Gaza to the Israeli border at Lebanon. This talk, including the powerpoint materials, will share with you what we learned and saw, including much information not reported in our media.”

Sponsor: Southwest Jewish Congress and Dallas Hadassah