14 2019

NCJW Winter Meeting "For Love of Food: How Food Transforms Communities"

11:30AM - 1:00PM  

Cafe Momentum 1510 Pacific Avenue
Dallas, TX 75201

Contact Korina Smith

$ Cost $ 36.00

Come and join us for a discussion by an expert panel:
- Daron Babcock, Executive Director of Bonton Farms
-Chad Houser, Café Momentum Founder, CEO & Executive Chef
- Anga Sanders, Founder for Feed Oak Cliff

Food Deserts are defined as geographic areas where residents’ access to affordable, healthy food options (especially fresh fruits and vegetables) is not available. It is especially difficult for low-income and minority families when supermarkets and fresh markets are nonexistent. Food deserts are a leading factor resulting in greater incidences of malnutrition and obesity as well as other health-related risks in adults and children. In these communities we also see students with poor attention spans and poor school attendance, low employment opportunities, cycles of violence, and other social issues. Please join us as we learn from local innovators as to what they are doing in Dallas communities to tackle societal problems through “food” and how each of us can address options to make changes.

Sponsor: NCJW