3 2021

Mother's Day Campaign Kick-off: Priya Panel Discussion on Infertility

Three of our dedicated Priya Advisory Committee members – Dr. Jerald Goldstein, Dr. Ran Friedman, and Rabbi Yogi Robkin will speak about the emotional, physical, and spiritual perspective that infertility takes on couples struggling to build a family. This discussion will be a kick-off to Jewish Family Service's inaugural Priya Mother’s Day fundraiser from May 3 - May 9.

What is Priya?

Through community education and fundraising, Priya’s purpose is to financially assist Dallas couples with reproductive difficulties by providing them with grants to help with medical or adoption costs. Since its inception, Priya has assisted 26 couples in the Dallas area and 15 babies have been born babies born by birth or adoption. Our program is expanding with a support group coming soon and other outreach events. As singles and young married couples enter this next stage of their lives, it is important to educate the community on what to do if one is in this position or how to support a friend or loved one if they are experiencing the challenges of infertility.

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