14 2019

JFS Passover Package Delivery

9:00AM - 12:00PM  

Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas 5402 Arapaho Road
Dallas, TX 75248

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Jewish Family Service has a long standing tradition of providing packages of
traditional holiday goodies to those in the community who may be isolated from
family, had a tough medical year, are new immigrants or may just need a reminder
that someone is thinking of them this Holiday. These 650 packages include grape
juice, matzah, soup mix, and gefilte fish. We believe it provides a thoughtful
connection the holiday tradition and one’s community. All names that are given to us
are from Jewish community leaders across Dallas, senior communities, as well as our
licensed professional staff at JFS. Program is like Meals on Wheels – you are given a
route with 10 homes on it to visit.