17 2024

JFS - Online Microsoft Excel Course (free)

During this 5-day course (May 13-17) is taught by JFS Career Services Manager, Phil Konecki, over Zoom.

He will cover essential concepts and practical skills including:

Program Terminology: Become familiar with Excel's terminology and interface to navigate confidently through the application.

Efficient Data Entry: Master the time-saving techniques of autofill and flash fill to expedite data entry tasks.

Visual Data Representation: Learn how to apply conditional formatting to highlight certain data automatically.

Organizing with Ranges and Tables: Use ranges and tables for data organization.

Introduction to Formulas: Gain an understanding of basic formulas and how they can be used to automatically perform calculations.

Data Analysis Techniques: Explore Excel’s filtering capabilities to find valuable insights from your data. Learn data validation techniques to ensure accuracy and consistency in your spreadsheet.

If you are interested in joining this Microsoft Excel course, please email the instructor at