1 2019

Israeli elections 2019: Netanyahu's last stand?"

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AJC Presents Herb Keinon, who will provide Analysis on the upcoming Israeli elections:

Herb Keinon, the diplomatic correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, has been at the paper for the last 33 years.
He took over the diplomatic beat in August 2000, just after the failed Camp David summit, and just before the outbreak of the Palestinian violence in September of that year.
Keinon is responsible for covering the prime minister and the foreign minister, often traveling with the Prime Minister on his trips abroad.
He has followed Ehud Barak to Paris, Ariel Sharon to Crawford, Texas, Ehud Olmert to Annapolis, and Binyamin Netanyahu to Beijing, Entebbe and Mumbai. As such, Keinon has up-close knowledge and an intimate perspective of the country’s political, diplomatic and strategic challenges – from Hamas to Hizbullah, Lapid to Likud.