3 2022


4 2022

Chalk Over Hate-National Day of Action-Texas Jewish Arts Association

10:00AM - 11:59PM  

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Texas Jewish Arts Association and Artists4Israel have signed up to be a part of fighting anti-semitism through public art. National Day of Action 10 am - Noon, Thanksgiving Square, 1627 Pacific Ave., Dallas, TX 75201.
Bring your chalk, gloves, family, friends, and community and let's stomp out hate together.
Sign up and register https://www.artists4israel.org/registerforchalk
We need YOU to sign up and participate as and individual.
Everyone can do this simple project, join us, and express your outcry over the HATE that is spreading around this country and the world. And then post it on social media everywhere with the hashtags #stompouthate #peace #thanksgivingsq #artists4israel #texasjewisharts