14 2016

An Israel & Islam Symposium for Students with Professor Mordechai Kedar

1:00PM - 3:30PM  

Congregation Ohr Ha'Torah 6324 Churchill Way
Dallas, TX 75230
972-404-8980 rabbisarna@ohtd.org

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Students are welcome to join Professor Mordechai Kedar as he explores issues relating to Israel and Islam in their historical contexts as well as their geo-socio-economic impacts in Israel and the Jewish People.

This presentation is only open to students. Adults are welcome to attend the evening program at 8:00 pm.

Dr. Kedar is a senior lecturer in the Department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He served in the IDF Military Intelligence for 25 years, specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena. He has appeared frequently on major media outlets including Al Jazeera, where his interviews have been conducted exclusively in Arabic.

Sponsor: Congregation Ohr Ha'Torah and the Israel Advocacy Club of Yavneh Academy