20 2014


21 2014

Tiferet Israel Selichot Service for the High Holy Days

9:00PM - 12:00AM  

Tiferet Israel Congregation 10909 Hillcrest Road
Dallas, TX

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Tiferet Israel kicks off the High Holy Days with a thought provoking program by Laura Seymour entitled: 'Jewish Values to Live By: What REALLY defines how you live.' Everyone talks about values but what guides your decisions?  This interactive experience will have you exploring, questioning and doing a lot of thinking about what matters most. Knowing wrong from right is simple – it is in the gray of daily life that choices become more difficult. Knowing what you stand for gives you direction. Everyone will receive a “card deck of Jewish values” and together we will struggle with choosing what we stand for individually and as a group.  This is just a beginning.  Take this home and do it again with your family, with kids, or at your workplace.  Knowing what you stand for guides you in everyday life and in crisis.  Services to follow by Rabbi Zell. Event is free, please RSVP.