18 2014

18th Annual Jewish Film Festival

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Studio Movie Grill Royal Lane &NBSP
Dallas, TX

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Peace After Marriage Peace After Marriage (originally titled Only in New York) is a romantic comedy, bursting with directorial chutzpah, about a Jewish, Israeli girl who marries a lonely Palestinian-Muslim-American man for a green card. This daring, raucous, politically-incorrect movie stars, (in addition to its male lead, Ghazi Albuliwi, who also wrote and directed it), the Israeli-Arab superstar actress Hiam Abbass. Abbass, who starred in such hits as Lemon Tree, The Syrian Bride, and Bottle in the Gaza Sea, plays Albuliwi's mother in the movie. Jewish and Arab/Muslim stereotypes are mercilessly lampooned in this film, that has sold out every festival screening it has played, at events as diverse as the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and the 15th Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival. Albuliwi, when asked his views for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, advocates 'Sexual Jihad....One big orgy between the Palestinians and the Israelis where both sides forget about the conflict and release all the hostility they hold for each other through sex.' Need we say more?