15 2014

Jewish Studies Initiative Genesis

7:00PM - 8:15PM  

private home 3831 Duchess Tr
Dallas, TX

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The first book of the Torah is a saga of creation gone bad almost from the very start. The worst deeds are committed, even between brothers and within the family. We read of flagrant disobedience of God’s commands, and of violence, jealousy, murder, kidnapping, hate and rape. But Genesis is also a record of God’s efforts to cope with man’s failure and to set us on the proper path, and of human efforts to make things better and to live by faith, morality, love and fidelity. In this roller coaster ride through the beginning of humanity and the beginning of the Jewish family, sometimes these efforts succeed and sometimes they fail. All of this is to say is that Genesis is a profoundly relevant story of the life that we all live and know. Join us as we become part of the story and learn from its insights. Suggested donation - $150