13 2014

18th Annual Jewish Film Festival

9:00PM - 11:00PM  

Angelika Film Center, Plano &NBSP

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Hanna’s Journey Ambitious German business major, Hanna, has ulterior motives for spending several months in Israel volunteering to work with mentally-disabled youth as well as elderly Holocaust survivors. Being a sharp-eyed careerist, Hanna figures that this charity work will make her resumé sparkle when she returns to Berlin. What she doesn't count on is Itay - the brusque but charming social worker she meets on her first day abroad. He teases her with off-color jokes about the Holocaust and for being German, all of which she considers ancient history having nothing to do with her at all. In time, she becomes less offended and more interested in both German and her own family history, not to mention the man who set her onto this path of self-discovery. Based on a Theresa Bäuerlein novel, Hanna's Journey is a provocative and engaging examination of the aftereffects of the Holocaust on third-generation Germans and Israelis. '…. A coming-together of cultures is what a film festival is all about, and when you get it in one movie—and it opens your mind—you know your time in the cinema is well-spent.” –Montreal Gazette