12 2014


18 2014

Little Jerusalem to Little Mexico, 100 Years of Settlement

10:00AM - 5:00PM  

Latino Cultural Center 2600 Live Oak
Dallas, TX

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The Dallas Mexican American Historical League and the Dallas Jewish Historical Society, in collaboration with the Latino Cultural Center, are proud to announce an important joint multi-media exhibit centered on life around Pike Park. The exhibit will be on display at the Latino Cultural Center located at 2600 Live Oak from September 12 through October 18, 2014. A press preview will be held on Friday, September 12 and a grand opening reception for the public will be held on Thursday evening, September 18, 2014. The exhibit will trace the roots of Jewish and Mexican immigrants, honoring community life in an area of Dallas most recently known as Little Mexico. Many don’t realize that the area surrounding Pike Park was initially settled in the late 1800’s by poor Eastern European Jewish immigrants and was alternately referred to as Little Jerusalem, Goose Valley or Frogtown. With a solid sense of commitment to one another and strong family ties, the Jewish settlers became established. The area flourished with entrepreneurial businesses, schools, and synagogues and the park was in the heart of the Jewish community.