11 2014

18th Annual Jewish Film Festival

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Studio Movei Grill - tbd

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Cupcakes This entertaining musical comedy celebrates life, love and loyalty and is every bit as light and tasty as its title suggests. A group of friends in a Tel Aviv suburb, (as is their custom each year) get together to watch Universong, an international song contest. When heart-broken Anat tells her friends that her husband has unexpectedly left her, the group spontaneously composes a song to cheer her up. As a lark, Ofer enters the cell phone video of their performance without telling his friends. To their utter amazement, their impromptu composition becomes Israel's entry for the coming year's competition. Reluctantly, they agree to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent their country. Join their rollicking ride as they embark on this seemingly impossible quest to win the competition. Singing and dancing their way to the top, the all-star cast includes Yael Bar-Zohar as a former beauty queen; Dana Ivgi as a stressed-out aide to a cabinet minister; Anat Waxman as an unhappily married baker; Keren Berger as a shy blogger; Efrat Dor as a frustrated singer-songwriter; and Ofer Shechter as a nursery school teacher.