21 2014

18th Annual Jewish Film Festival

7:00PM - 9:00PM  


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Under the Same Sun Under the Same Sun is a contemporary parable set in the Middle East that puts forth the notion that people who have historically seen one another as enemies can work together peacefully and productively for the common good. In a classic “what if…” situation, the film chronicles the unusual partnership between two businessmen - one Israeli, Shaul, and the other Palestinian, Nizar. Together they try to launch a green energy company aimed at providing solar energy for the West Bank. As a result, the Palestinians would become much less dependent on Israel for their energy needs. It comes as no surprise that their joint venture evokes forceful political and social opposition, and threatens to destroy the very fabric of their family lives. Ultimately, both men, desperate to succeed, turn to Facebook to rev up support for their project in their respective communities. What are the chances that this will work? Itself a joint effort between Israeli and Arab film-makers, this film seeks to humanize the 'other' for both Israeli and Palestinian audiences and aims to dispel the belief held by so many that there is no partner on the other side.