22 2017


23 2017

16th Annual 24 Hour Reading of the Names & Holocaust Remembrance Vigil


Congregation Beth Torah 720 W. Lookout Drive
Richardson, TX 75080

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PROGRAM: Sponsored by Congregation Beth Torah's Men's Club, the 24-hour Reading of the Names is an annual community-wide event in which volunteers sign up in 15 minute increments to read the names of those perished in the Holocaust. The names are read continuously for 24 hours. If you prefer not to read, please feel free to stop by at any time to listen to the names. Program starts Saturday at 9pm and continues until Sunday at 9pm.
Join us Sunday morning at 9:45am for a powerful presentation on "Hate on The Internet – Modern Anti-Semitism" presented by Cheryl Drazin, Regional Director of ADL.

WHY: Many of the victims’ names have not been mentioned in over 70 years. Most of the time, the victims were only known by a number, and were never given a proper memorial or burial. You have the opportunity to keep their memory alive by reading and/or listening to their names.

HOW: To read names, sign up in Congregation Beth Torah’s lobby or call (972) 234-1542 x227 Live out of the area? Skype in! For more information or to Skype in, contact ReadingNames@congregationbethtorah.org

Sponsor: Congregation Beth Torah's Men's Club