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Kosher Food

Kosher Food

Dallas Kosher (The Vaad Hakashrus Inc.)
7800 Northaven Road • Dallas, Texas 75230
(214) 739-6535
(214) 739-4635 (f)

The Vaad Hakashrus of Dallas, Inc. operating as Dallas Kosher, is the community's non-profit organization that promotes the observance of Kashruth through supervision, education and service. Dallas Kosher (also called the DK) sets the community standard for Kashruth in Dallas that is inclusive of everyone and ensures a level of Kashruth with which all are comfortable.

Dallas Kosher is responsible for Kashruth supervision of local bakeries, markets, caterers, delis, restaurants, and hotels. This organization assists area families in learning about Kashruth and in making their meals kosher. Professional staff are available to speak to groups, both children and adults.


Kosher Restaurants

For a list of all kosher restaurants that have been approved by Dallas Kosher (The Vaad Hakashrus, Inc.) please visit For a listing of additional kosher retailers click here.